Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spurr in Tower of Extreme Babel

Machines can defeat chess masters, but can they create literature? The age of the computer as author, the “computhor,” is nigh... Computer did it

A story on the New Matilda website accused Professor Barry Spurr, who contributed to the Federal Government's national English curriculum review, of referring to Prime Minister Tony Abbott as an "Abo-lover" and Nelson Mandela as a "darky".
The website's editor, Chris Graham, described the emails as extreme hate-speech.
"He doesn't just object to Aboriginal people who he calls Abos and human garbage, he makes references to mussies; tinky-poos is a word that he uses frequently; he's very dismissive of women," he told the ABC's PM program.
"He calls Nelson Mandela a darky."
Professor Spurr defended the emails and told New Matilda, they were mainly to one recipient and were part of a game to outdo one another in extreme statements.
University of Sydney 'disturbed' by professor's emails, dubbed racist ...ABC Online

New Matilda on Barry Spurr

Nutty professor's bizarre racistrant: Barry Spurr allegedly describes Aboriginals ...
The Daily Telegraph - 7 hours ago“Hisracist rants and mockery of sexual assault victims are utterly sickening,” Ms Ellis said. Prof Spurr defended his email exchanges, telling New Matilda they were intended to mock the “very extreme language” used. 

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