Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Klasik Klimate Down Under

An epic storm raged across Sydney on Tuesday night, trapping dozens on a train, closing major roads and bringing snow to the Blue Mountains.
A lightning bolt struck the Sydney Tower about 10pm, creating a shower of sparks and plunging the structure into darkness.  Center Point Tower of Welding Proportions

In our daily interactions with people—driving down the street in flooded Sudney, coordinating childcare, figuring out how to hide from an old girlfriend, buying a nice gift—we rely on folk psychology, our unschooled understanding of other people 
Folklore of Tatranka Era

Literary sunshine in deep south as Richard Flanagan Our Man booker prize winner for the narrow road to the deep north

What would you do with an extra 90 minutes each day? Read? Write? Sleep? Watch TV? All you have to do isstop spending time on food... Not sure about this one ... I love food!