Saturday, October 18, 2014

In a nutshell of innovation

Must the champions of innovation, those who purport to tell us how creativity works, insist on speaking in koan-like platitudes?... Creativity

Most of us have poured out our hearts in angry, accusatory, plaintive, or sad letters after people have betrayed or abandoned us. Doing so almost always makes us feel better, even if we never send them Lettering

Unhappy families, Tolstoy tells us, are all unhappy in different ways. But unhappy brand names commit a few of the same sins over and over. Alexandra Watkins, the founder of a branding agency called Eat My Words, distills seven deadly sins in an infectious little book called “Hello, My Name is Awesome Brand names

1959 Isaac Asimov short essay on how to stimulate creativity
Note how, if you believe Asimov, our business/cultural preference for narrow specialists and extroverts (extroversion has been rising over time) is anti-creativity...