Friday, October 31, 2014

The Art of Nudging & Compliance

Joel Slemrod (Michigan), Brett Collins (IRS), Jeffrey Hoopes(Ohio State), Daniel Reck(Michigan) & Michael Sebastiani(IRS), Does Credit-Card Information Reporting Improve Small-Business Tax Compliance?

Third-party information has greatly decreased tax underreporting, but substantial underreporting persists where third-party information is not present.

Bloomberg:  Big-Money Untaxed Gifts Quadrupled as Rich Raced Congress, by Richard Rubin & Margaret Collins:

The wealthiest Americans poured $335 billion into tax-free gifts amid worries in 2012 that Congress would clamp down on the practice, according to data released today by the Internal Revenue Service.

Joel Slemrod (Michigan), Brett Collins (IRS), Jeffrey Hoopes (Ohio State), Daniel Reck (Michigan) & Michael Sebastiani (IRS), Does Credit-Card Information Reporting Improve Small-Business Tax Compliance?: