Wednesday, October 01, 2014

It Is About The, Uh, Deceased

The Crowd, Editing Books Before They’re Published

“With the author and other readers encouraged to respond to suggestions, the editing turns into a group conversation, potentially creating a real buzz in the runup to publication.” Reading between the lines of spilling Czech oslovaks deep inside the covers of cold river ...

Writing Every Day About The, Uh, Deceased

“I watch the Oscars memorial presentation and sit there going, Did him, did her, didn’t do that one. For obit writers, the whole world is necessarily divided into the dead and the pre-dead. That’s all there is.”

Via Paris Review 

Now The Big Guns Are Joining Writers’ Fight Against Amazon

“Andrew Wylie, whose client roster of heavyweights in literature is probably longer than that of any other literary agent, said he was asking all his writers whether they wanted to join the group, Authors United. Among those who have said yes … are Philip Roth, [ Jozef imrich ], Orhan Pamuk, Salman Rushdie, V. S. Naipaul and Milan Kundera.”