Friday, October 31, 2014

Human Nature behind power & money: devil is in detail

“Every culture has its monsters,” and Jason Diamond writes about the Headless Horseman and one of the oldest American horror stories for Electric Literature.

Beware of fake priests roaming around in cemeteries and columbaries   offering to perform prayers and blessings for the dead and soliciting money afterwards Beware of fake priests in cemeteries

Questions are being asked about a surge in branch membership in the state seat of Auburn ahead of a controversial preselection tipped to see the sitting member, former minister Barbara Perry, dumped as Labor's candidate in favour of local mayor Hicham Zraika. Mayor Hicham Zraikas and Auburn of branch stacking
Federal police are investigating a record number of human trafficking cases in Australia involving sex slavery, forced marriages and child brides Sex trafficking slavery forced marriage on the rise in australia
Colourful financier Ian Lazar  (Lender of Last Resort) has been charged over allegations he defrauded an elderly woman of her home after first seeing her on an episode of A Current Affair Financier Ian Lazar in the news re defrauding
Is it Lazar hitting back at ABC? It appears Ian Lazar might not be happy with Four Corners report on the ABC that painted him as, well, a white-collar crook who preys on the weak and powerless, boosted by his underworld connections. In a lengthy YouTube video posted on a website custom-made for the purpose of clearing his name (, someone claims almost everyone interviewed for the Four Corners expose is, themselves, corrupt. The domain information on who registered the site is private, so we can’t say for sure Lazar or his associates put it up. The website’s contact section links to an address in Hong Kong.