Sunday, October 26, 2003

While Erik the Red skipper 'Iceman' kills shark with bare hands, Sydney urban women will do whatever it takes to survive and thrive!

Urban Tribes
They're all around us, those unmarried 20- or 30-somethings who seem to run in packs, living and working and enjoying life with friends rather than devoting all of their energies to the pursuit of marriage. Who are these people, these -- as the U.S. Census Bureau calls them -- never-marrieds? And what exactly are they doing in the years between student-hood and spouse-dom?
· Exploring Friendship Among Post-College Unmarrieds [BookWeb ]
There's the dream, where you work hard, scale the corporate ladder, and make your bundle. Then there's that other, sexier fantasy of ditching it all for a labor of love!
· The Opt-Out Revolution [NY Times (Thanks Lauren for the Pointers (See also Rissotto entry above)]