Monday, October 27, 2003

Kafka knew a lot about cockroaches and memory morphing. In Australia my mate Maria Moses, who has a habit of rewarding herself with working for some of the greatest bosses including John Singleton, was more than anyone else aware not only how John can charm consumers but also share his spoils with homeless children via Bill Crews.
· Great Larrikins: Onya John [Independent]

PS: This link was added on Tuesday morning for the benefit of Czech, Scandinavian and American readers who have never heard of John Singleton and sadly were not successful getting links to him on the net. (Tip search under countries categories in Google.) John is almost as well connected with librarians working at the Australian databases of Google as Media Dragon is. However, unlike global Media Dragon, John is still rather parochial. For a good illustration what Larrikin means just Czech out Aussie Tim Dunlop
Not a joke this is a Fair Dinkum biography! John is royalty in Australia; Antipodean/Hollywoodish Elizabeth Taylor!
· Orgy, Orgy, Orgy: Oi, Oi, Oi; John Singleton