Friday, October 17, 2003

From Native Lantana to Perfect Strangers
I don't think it's till, until you're in danger or there's elements of risk that we find out who we are, and it's through what we risk that we find out our personal boundaries and who we are, our personal credo, and I think that's what Melanie does.
· Your Place Frederik, I have seen Mine... [Sunday Nine]

Royal Engagement More Interesting Than War
Is a royal event more important than a nation going to war? Hopefully not, but it seems that the engagement between Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Australian Mary Donaldson has brought more readers to Danish websites than did the war in Iraq. This despite the fact that Denmark was one of the few nations engaged actively in the war.
· It's an emotional day, but how long will the fairy tale last? [Berlingske Tidende via E-Media Tidbits]

UnRoyal No means no: Half the Sins of Mankind
Is sexual conversation confusing? Yes? Is it frustrating? Maybe. Should we change laws because women are conflicted and men are horny?
· No No Yes [Slate ]