Sunday, October 26, 2003

Australian Diaspora
Australia likes to think of itself as a place where people want to live but, increasingly, it is a place people like to leave. But not my Lauren, even the carrot of living in the center of Prague does not seem to make her to change her mind about being close to my sisters Eva and Lidka.
I know Czech language is not easy especially as Prague dialects include verbs and adjectives peppered by more surfixes and prefixes than bullets shot through Sydney Streets on any given day. However, it is my turn to retaliate as I had to live for almost four years close to sister of the one who must be obeyed in steamy Brissie (smile). Still, Brissie gave me an opportunity to study the Hanson phenomenon first hand. To boot Graham Young, who is invading Sydney on Tuesday to taste the variety of sinful kofis, shared with me a number of the Ipswitch preselection stories which hopefully Graham lets me to share them in my last book of my Cold War Rivers and Rednecks Trilogy...(grin)

On a sober note, is anyone out there aware of any great Australian swimming coaches contemplating a move to Prague? If you are please alert me via jozefimrich(at) ...My dream is that my girls might one day pick up some of the finer points of the Bohemian slangs.
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