Monday, October 20, 2003

Matchless in its Sydney Shell Sail Splendor, the Opera House is unrivalled as a Symbol: it is a threshold that presides over the old and the new world. The House of Sails is symbol of human ingenuity, technological genius, and touches the sailing dreams of every migrant in different ways.
That shell is more than a shell: it’s alive, it speaks to people. Some people come here to find themselves. Before the luminous shell icon wildness within Greiners, Lowys and Imrichs is one, a fragile one.
Happy Birthday to you! Creative & Unique SOH

Ah...Congratulations are in Order ABC!
Young Creative Australians Making Crazy Noise
Crazy Noise is a festival without tickets, venues or performances. Instead, it happens across the media – in print, on television, on the radio and here online. Tune in and check out stories throughout October on the ABC.

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