Monday, October 20, 2003

I Used to Work with Browns in Queen's Africa (and the Greenish Bear Pit)

Tim makes Antipodean bloggers laugh...Exclusive sense of humour.
As we walked to the Rock n' Roll museum in Cleveland last week we were joined by 50,000 or so others heading to the football stadium next door to watch the local team play. When my wife and I realised that the local team is known as "The Browns" we both looked at each other and said words to the effect of, "Imagine what Roy and HG would do to a football team called the 'The Browns'."
Same thing with a national transport company, UPS, who advertise heavily here. I presume because their vans and trucks are painted in a distinctive brown colour, they refer to themselves in their ads as simply "Brown": Brown does this, Brown does that, you can count on Brown for the other. One of their slogans I've heard in recent ads is, Brown Knows.

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