Thursday, October 30, 2003

Blatant Selfcongratulations to the Richest Media Dragon: No Longer Nameless Dragon on the Blog Street How Appealing...
Subject: [BlogStreet] Ownership granted
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 05: 44:26 -0800
Dear Jozef Imrich,
You have been granted the ownership of your blog in BlogStreet:
You can now authoritatively categorize your blog,
also you will receive notification when your blog is reviewed.
Hope you find your experience with BlogStreet useful.
Your feedback will be highly appreciated.
BlogStreet Team.
Media Dragon
Blogger : Jozef Imrich [Contact]
Rank : 1178 / 144733
BIQ : 612
Rating : 3 based on 1 votes and 0 review(s)
Category : Politics

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Many thanks to characters like Howard J. Bashman, Webdiary of Margo Kingston, Sanctuary of Gianna Surfdom of Tim Dunlop, and one and all serving the spirit of the Slavish Spiders on Blog Street.
Tell me I am not dreaming that Helen Thomas and I have been this week partners in electronic crime.
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