Sunday, December 03, 2023

WaPo Op-Ed: At 33, I Knew Everything. At 69, I Know Something Much More Important

WaPo Op-Ed: At 33, I Knew Everything. At 69, I Know Something Much More Important

 ‘NOW AND THEN:’ How the Beatles Created Magic on Their New ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ Albums, Via a Little MAL-ware. 

A deep dive into the Beatles’ “last” single and their reworked new greatest hits album, over at Ed

To be one of “Antonio’s Girls”, as they were known, meant you were going places. You had “it”. Grace Jones, Jerry Hall, Tina Chow, Pate Cleveland and Jessica Lange are names that are much better known today than Antonio Lopez, but they were all key members of his unofficial talent school whose careers he launched…

Grin and Wear It?

by Rachel Bickleman
A recent photo from Dina Litovsky showing a model’s inflamed feet in slingback heels went viral, with reposts from National Geographic and a whole host of Instagram influencers. The photo garnered just over 500k likes and comments criticizing the prioritization of beauty over pain. This is not the first time these images have gone viral. […]

“Beyond Human Conjecture”: Charlton Comics’ ‘Creepy Things’

By Mike Apichella

Today’s sophisticated communications infrastructure did not emerge fully formed as totalitarian surveillance. Its annihilation of privacy was merely the price we had to pay for an unprecedented level of reliability within an endless array of applications…

The Lonely, Horny Prophecies of Lynne Tillman’s ‘Weird Fucks’

By Sam Moore

What’s prescient about Weird Fucks is how everything both is and isn’t a matter of life and death; violence is an undercurrent, and every breakup may or may not be the end of the world…

Why is medieval art so weird? This new book offers a guide to the era