Sunday, December 03, 2023

X Certainties of Death: Sydney Based Media 🐉 Sydney researchers discover hidden structure in networks like Twitter

Elon Musk Is Crafting A Narrative For The Death Of Twitter

New findings could help explain how social media content appears in our feeds

The research was led by PhD student Cathy Liu and co-authored by Professor Eduardo Goldani Altmann, both from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, and Associate Professor Tristram Alexander from the School of Physics. All three are members of the Centre for (MEdia Dragon 🐉) Complex Systems.

Researchers at the University of Sydney have discovered new structural relationships in complex networks, such as X (formerly Twitter) and political blogs, that could help explain the digital flow of information. 
“This structure organises the flow of information in online social networks, which happens from a community of sparsely connected influential nodes – the source – to a community of densely inter-connected active nodes – the basin,” Professor Altmann said. 
 “An example of source-basin organisation would be ‘influencers’, such as news agencies, acting as the source with regular users performing the role of the basin.
 “The influencers compete with each other and therefore don't engage one another, while regular users are engaged by the influencers and also connected to each other, such as through retweeting.”

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