Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together

  “Waiting to be ‘better’ is the wrong approach. It’s learning to live with it.

~ Marian Keyes

A crane has collapsed near  ita Sydney train station and 500,000 lightning strikes have been detected in NSW on Wednesday as an unstable weather system makes its way across the state.

Crane collapses, delaying trains, as damaging wind and hail hit Sydney

Nine journalist not required to disclose sources, judge rules

Break-in call leads police to $1 billion cocaine find

One Chinese scammer goes to jail for postal scam and extra copycats are being created 

Police said phishing is the most common form of scam that offenders use to obtain banking and other personal information from a victim.

Sophisticated scam robs Aussie couple of entire $220,000 superannuation savings Scammers are using artificial intelligence to copy the face and voices of well-known Aussies

Most Australians' experience with the tax system involves our annual trip to the ATO's website to collect a tax return.

But I can guarantee you that most millionaires have a far more thorough understanding of our tax system than the average Joe or Jane. There's a reason why discussions of trusts, franking credits or superannuationcontribution limits – subjects of frequent discussion at millionaire's tables – can often go over the heads of many ordinary Australians.

The Australian system contains many… let's call them perks, that are vital to building wealth. Having at least a solid understanding of how these can work to one's financial advantage is a crucial step in building wealth.

3 secrets of ASX millionaires

MICROBIOME NEWS:  The hunter-gatherer groups at the heart of a microbiome gold rush.