Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Elon Musk’s Grok Twitter AI Is Actually ‘Woke,’ Hilarity Ensues”

  “If it is made with love, the imperfect becomes perfect.

~ Marian Keyes

Karen Payne says the debt notices had triggered a significant increase in complaints, and may require the government implementing a legislative fix

Galle & Shay: Admin Law And The Crisis Of Tax Administration

Heeeeere’s Tucker! Carlson starts his own network

Will his old Fox News viewers be willing to shell out nine bucks a month for a variety of Tucker Carlson productions? We’ll see.

Asimov Press, a new publishing venture that will produce books + magazines about progress in biotechnology, launched today. We’ll publish new articles regularly and hope you’ll follow! Modelled on Stripe Press, and we’re advised by a Works in Progress co-founder.


“Elon Musk’s Grok Twitter AI Is Actually ‘Woke,’ Hilarity Ensues” Forbes. Paul R: “Coming soon, reeducation camps for chatbots.”

Israel’s AI can produce 100 bombing targets a day in Gaza. Is this the future of war? TechxPlore (Dr. Kevin). Scott Ritter has been very critical of AI in military/intel operations and attributed Israel’s Oct. 7 intel fail to reliance on AI. Ritter has done a great deal of target selection. I hope he weighs in on this news. 


Meet Ashley, the world’s first AI-powered political campaign caller Reuters 

Apple Makes Security Changes to Protect Users From iPhone Thefts Wall Street Journal 

Saving the News from Big Tech

Saving the News from Big Tech, Cory Doctorow, Special Advisor/EFF, June, 2023: “Media is in crisis: newsrooms all over the world are shuttering and the very profession of journalism is under sustained ideological and physical assault. Freedom of the press is a hollow doctrine if the only news media is written or published by independently wealthy individuals who don’t need to get paid for their labor. Where did the media’s money go? It’s complicated…Finance-driven consolidation went beyond the media industry. The companies we call “Big Tech”—Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, etc.—attained their scale and reach primarily by buying out their potential competitors, not by inventing new technologies that were so amazing that they beat the competition. That’s true of Facebook, whose founder, Mark Zuckerberg, candidly told his executives, “It is better to buy than to compete,” before going on to buy Instagram and WhatsApp, among dozens of other firms. Apple buys companies more often than most of us buy groceries. Google is a company that had one genuine innovation—a best-of-class search engine—and then used its access to the capital markets to buy a video-sharing company; a mobile operating system company; many, many ad-tech companies; a maps
company; a document-sharing company, etc. Notably, Google’s own in-house products have been a nearly unbroken string of flops, with the main exceptions being a copy of Microsoft’s Hotmail and a browser based on Apple’s old browser engine. And then there’s Microsoft, a convicted monopolist with its own long, long list of acquisitions, a list that grows longer by the day. These companies converted the net to “five giant websites filled with screenshots of the other four,” replacing the dream of “disintermediation” with a new oligarchy of gatekeepers. Together, these companies rigged the ad-market, the app market, and the market for social media. The result is a system that pleases no one—except the tech monopolists’ shareholders…”

Preliminary Data on “Unwinding” Continuous Medicaid Coverage NEJM. “As of early October 2023, about 8.7 million people had lost Medicaid coverage, nearly three quarters (72%) of them for procedural reasons. Extrapolation from the 8.7 million figure suggests that roughly 19 million people could lose Medicaid, similar to the federal government’s higher-end estimate (18.4 million).” Listen, don’t say the Biden Administration never did anything for ya.


All the Carcinogens We Cannot See The New Yorker. We confuse, I’m coming to believe, materiality and visibility.

New Cell Atlases Reveal Untold Variety in the Brain and Beyond Quanta. How little we know….