Monday, December 18, 2023

Pay Attention to What You See


17-Year Old Is Youngest Ever To Pass California Bar Exam, Begins Work As Deputy DA

What Will Happen in the Second Trump Term? Peter Van Buren, American Conservative


Special counsel goes directly to Supreme Court to resolve whether Trump has immunity from prosecution CNN Hard to see why the Supremes won’t require Smith to hew to process and go to appeals court first. Smith’s politically-driven timetable is his problem, not the Supreme Court’s. 


Pay Attention to What You See: Donald Trump Is Losing His Marbles New Republic 


With his empire at stake, Trump has spent $2.5 million on expert testimony in his fraud trialABC (lThat’s not an unusual #.

I fact-checked ChatGPT with Bard, Claude, and Copilot

ZDNET: – and this AI was the most confidently incorrectGenerative artificial intelligence (AI) is notoriously prone to factual errors. So, what do you do when you’ve asked ChatGPT to generate 150 presumed facts and you don’t want to spend an entire weekend confirming each by hand? Well, in my case, I turned to other AIs. In this article, I’ll explain the project, consider how each AI performed in a fact-checking showdown, and provide some final thoughts and cautions if you also want to venture down this maze of twisty, little passages that are all alike.”

Is DRM evil?

The Long Tail: “EFF organizer, BoingBoinger and Wired contributor Cory Doctorow, perhaps the best-informed person I know on the subject of Digital Rights Management, argues that Wired should be taking a more activist stance against it:

Wired seems to be a little soft on DRM these days; the recent Wired spin-off, Wired Test, featured page on page of reviews of music players, media PCs, and PVRs with hardly a mention of the fact that all of these devices were fundamentally crippleware, and all controlled by entertainment companies who can and do arbitrarily remove functionality from them after they have entered the marketplace, so that the device that you’ve bought does less today than it did when you opened the box. If you’re publishing a consumer-advice magazine, it seems like this is the kind of thing you should be noting for your readers: “If you buy this, your investment will be contingent on the ongoing goodwill of some paranoid Warners exec whose astrologer has told him that your pause button will put him out of business and must be disabled.”