Saturday, October 14, 2023

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LNP announces a piano with only white keys …

I was surprised by how emotional I felt voting #Yes this morning. Tears of gratitude that we live in a country where we actually can vote, tears that the campaign has been so bloody dirty, tears for Indigenous Australians, tears of hope.

Study: The best way to restore ecosystems is to listen to Indigenous peoples Grist I think you have to do more than just listen

‘Silent walking’ is taking off on TikTok, but what does it actually say about us? ABC Australia 

Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah died in an artillery strike near the Israel-Lebanon border. • The news agency told Insider that two other journalist were injured in the attack on Friday. • The crew were struck while filming a livestream video for Reuters, which has since been removed.

Russian journalist who denounced Ukraine war checked for suspected poisoning

And the trust in traditional news sources has declined. Fact or Fiction? In This War, It Is Hard to Tell. Social media is full of false and misleading posts. The rise in A.I. is making it worse

The major social media platforms, once heralded for their ability to document global events in real time, face a crisis of authenticity — one of their own making, critics say.

The war between Israel and Hamas has spawned so much false or misleading information online — much of it intentional, though not all — that it has obscured what is actually happening on the ground.

In turn, people are turning to sources that mirror their feelings, deepening social and political divisions. There are so many untrue claims that some people question the true ones. And it is not just on X, formerly known as Twitter, which has removed many of its guardrails in recent months. 

Ant Loewenstein’s frank analysis of reasons for Palestinian resistance would be shut down in moments by UK interviewers

To the question “why don’t I support Israel?” Telegram channel Joker DPR: "My spies from the SBU reported that more than two thousand Israeli military specialists, who served as advisers and instructors in Ukraine, are leaving for Israel through the Boryspil International Airport on the Kiev-Tel Aviv flight." Israel is fighting against Russia in Ukraine. So Israel fully deserved its war.