Thursday, October 12, 2023

The End of a European World Order and the Search for a New International Order - Solidarity Not Charity: A Rapid Report

 Timeline of conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza Reuters. Starting 2005

ASIC gives Graham Bradley a black eye

 Journalists rush into danger to cover the Israel-Hamas war

Courageous journalists from around the globe have jumped into war to share powerful reports of what is happening.

Israel’s Massive Intelligence Failure Scott Ritter, Consortium News

‘The Guest’: the Palestinian mastermind behind deadly Israel incursion FT. Elevating, prior to demonizaing? From the New Yorker:

Footage has been released of senior Hamas leaders gathered together in a room, wearing suits, intently watching the images of war on a television screen, clearly content.

Frankly, I prefer a commmittee of faceless functionaries to a demon figure Anybody remember Tora Bora? The diagrams? (Not an ideal source, but accords with my memory; Google is, of course, useless.)

* * *

US Moves Ford Carrier Strike Group To Eastern Mediterranean Naval Institute

Israel’s defense minister orders plans for possible evacuation of settlements near Lebanon Anadolu Agency

UN Security Council meets on Gaza-Israel, but fails to agree on statement Al Jazeera.

How Powerful Is Hezbollah? The Militia Trained By North Korea and Hardened By War Against Al Qaeda Military Watch

The End of a European World Order and the Search for a New International Order Valdai Discussion Club

Solidarity Not Charity: A Rapid Report

Solidarity Not Charity: A Rapid Report – “This report, commissioned by Grantmakers in the Arts, is about the ways that arts and culture grantmakers can engage in systems-change work. The cultural sector is actively seeking alternatives to business-as-usual to create economic and racial justice in the sector and beyond. Grantmakers can play a role in the transformation of the sector by following the lead of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, disabled, queer, trans, and working class creatives who are innovating models for self-determination and community wealth. For specific suggestions, see the full report.”

The Moral Case for No Longer Engaging With Elon Musk’s X

Bloomberg Opinion, David Lee:  “The former Twitter is incentivizing violent content, which will only become worse to stand out to users. “…X is now an app that forcibly puts abhorrent content into users’ feeds and then rewards financially the people who were the most successful in producing it, egging them on to do it again and again and make it part of their living. Know this: As the scramble for attention increases, the content will need to become more violent, more tragic and more divisive to stand out. More car crashes, high school fights and public humiliation. Decency long left the building at X. 

It flows from the very top. When former executive Yoel Roth, whom Musk wrongly accused of being a pedophile, warned recently about hate speech on X, CEO Linda Yaccarino’s first reaction was to play down his concerns. On Monday, Musk followed up: “I have rarely seen evil in as pure a form as Yoel Roth.”