Monday, October 16, 2023

As Cream Does not always rises to the top: The Low And High Stakes Of Media Dragon

‘There’s nothing special about media dragon 🐉 ... but with a number of other people we’ve built something different .’ “The right to know is the right to live.”

Just ask the first man walking on earth about the way leaders laugh 😂 or cry as soon as they are exposed for rising to the top like a legislated sewerage … As we all know, every taxing iron curtain story needs a next Indiana Johnsonish chapter … 

Executive Cowards can dish it out but they can't take it…

Sayers denies encouraging Josh Frydenberg to ask the ATO to “back off” investigating the PwC tax scandal. Feeling the heat, Sayers insists “of course I did not”

Trust moi as a good blogger, intel analyst, Cold War or Hot War writer always works at the impossible even if it is against the biggest crowds as karma never dies … 🙏

APS morale may be low, but buck up and be part of the solution

Fear and disinformation works on even bigger scales at workplaces around us

Bond, Alan Bond …

A damning contradiction during questioning of former PwC boss Luke Sayers means plenty more scrutiny is on the horizon

WHO CARES ABOUT EFFICIENCY? Law and Political Economy Project

Uber and Google - how PwC got them to dud Australia of billions

Uber warns of 85pc price rise under Labor’s gig laws

Not one @AusFedPolice officer or police ever arrested any of the people from @PwC_AU or @kpmgaustralia they have ripped us off for billions & over decades. But a protests they are quick to arrest. This Is Australia. Love It Or Leave.

Stolen Australian Government tax policy information was shared between two top-level groups of PwC Australia’s controversial “transfer pricing” tax division, documents reveal.

The confidential government data — including key details about yet-to-be released legislation to stop multinational tax evasion — was shared via two emails, with recipients expressly asked to be “discrete” because it was obtained “off the record”.

The emails were sent in late August 2015 — while PwC was running its “Project North America” scheme —and were sent to both the “partners” and “directors” email groups of the PwC Australia Transfer Pricing tax division.

Meet PwC’s “Transfer Pricing” unit

IRS says Microsoft owes an additional $29 billion in back taxes

Crypto exchanges to be regulated under bolstered licence regime

Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones will detail the government’s crypto regulation plans at The Australian Financial Review Crypto Summit on Monday.

A Caltrans executive questioned a freeway expansion. Then she was demoted LA Times

‘Tragic Contagion’ Spreads: Major Crypto Lender Vauld Suspends Trading After $198 Million In Customer Withdrawals Forbes

The U.S. Has a New Set of Tools for Bullying the World NYT. E.g., SWIFT. Once again, Times readers are only learning about this now?

Most of us do not like risk and uncertainty. That's too bad, because there's no shortage of either. Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.