Sunday, January 09, 2022

Hamilton Potpori

One of the best sayings in (life) tennis and sport is that pressure is a privilege.

~Ashleigh Barty

JULIE BURCHILL:  Why ‘Hot Mess’ women of the world – think Bridget Jones and Fleabag – are doomed to be screwed over by patronising men.

While they might be celebrated by some as being a progression from the Hollywood honey or Chelsea chick, in reality Hot Messes appeal to the worst side of men – if women are a mess already, they’re going to be even easier for men of bad intent to mess with. A new show runs this month at the Soho Theatre in which the comedienne Liz Kingsman takes on the idea of the Hot Mess Dream Girl. She told the Guardian: ‘I don’t relate to those messy-women narratives. None of my female friends talk about their sex lives a lot. And I’d be hard pushed to find a single one who is aimless: everyone is hustling and working really hard.’

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