Saturday, July 08, 2023

Top Knowledge Management Use Cases (with Real World Examples)

Top Knowledge Management Use Cases (with Real World Examples) Zach Wahl, Enterprise Knowledge: “Knowledge Management (KM) is presently experiencing a rebirth, with greater executive interest and organizational commitment. Driven by the post-Covid transition to hybrid and remote work, the employee churn during the great resignation, and the explosion of AI driven by knowledge graphs and large language models, the value that KM offers is better understood, and KM initiatives are being prioritized like never before. 

At EK, we’ve worked tirelessly over the last decade to ensure KM is understood for the business value it offers and considered in terms of practical solutions and measurable results. We’ve found that defining use cases is one of the best ways to help organizations understand this value, and moreover, prioritize what really matters for them, their mission, and their stakeholders.

 There is a lot of writing about KM outcomes, or features, but there is a surprising dearth of writing regarding Knowledge Management Use Cases. In this article, I’ve captured the top ten use cases for KM Transformations. It’s important to note that these aren’t enabling features or software like search or online discussions, nor are they expected outcomes or results like improved findability, knowledge sharing, or knowledge retention. Rather, these are the actual use cases, the reasons why people do KM and what it actually means to the organization’s operations and people…”