Tuesday, July 11, 2023

It’s Not That Hard to Solve Homelessness

 Australia becomes first country to legalise medical psychedelics Sky News

How two regulators went to war over the PwC scandal Neil Chenoweth Neil Chenoweth

Kathleen Claussen (Georgetown; Google Scholar), Tax Intelligence, 72 Duke L.J. Online 155 (2023):

The most recent proposals seek to leverage information gathered from tax reporting—what this Essay calls “tax intelligence.” However, front and center in considering how tax intelligence can be used to make foreign policy is a challenge: how that information can make its way through the grinder of our foreign commerce bureaucracy in furtherance of productive outcomes. To address this challenge and amplify the promise of these proposals, this Essay offers four contributions.

Claussen: Tax Intelligence

Threads is live. Now what happens? Threads has a chance to work because users want it to work, mostly because they are tired of all the drama that comes with Elon Musk and Twitter.

Millionaire Politician’s Undeclared Dubai Properties Expose Gaps in Georgia’s Asset Reporting System

The US Army is looking for help from AI to predict what its enemies will do minutes or even hours before they do it Business Insider

The Army is desperate for smart, fit soldiers. How these $200M fit camps get recruits into shape. USA Today

It’s Not That Hard to Solve Homelessness

America has the means to substantially alleviate homelessness but not the desire.

Economics v. the Earth: New Book Explores the History of a Tense Relationship

Fredrik Albritton Jonsson and Carl Wennerlind discuss how belief in infinite growth came to seem reasonable in philosophy and economics.

DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub Sue New York City Over Minimum-Wage Law WSJ


Artificial cells demonstrate that “life finds a way”Scienmag Original.

Afghan man who aided US forces, fled Taliban takeover, killed in Washington

New York: Nigerian man extradited from the UK pleads guilty to BEC fraud

Puerto Rico: Four (Nigerians?)indicted for laundering money for BEC, romance, and PPP fraud