Friday, July 28, 2023

Is beauty an achievement or a natural endowment?

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“Can you read anything at all from start to finish, ie. an essay or a short story, without your mind being sliced apart by some digital switchblade?”... more »

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John Rawls offers a huge, rich range of rules for thinking. But apply his thinking in a political or practical scheme? That’s a trickier feat... more »

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Is beauty an achievement or a natural endowment? If we are responsible for our own beauty, what obligations does that impose? Becca Rothfeld investigates... more »

       Ethan Nosowsky Q & A 

       At Epiphany Noreen Tomassi has An Interview with Ethan Nosowsky of Graywolf Press
       Graywolf Press, where Nosowsky is Editorial Director, publishes "30-33 books each year" and certainly has an impressive list. 

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