Tuesday, February 28, 2023

How to delete Twitter - Twitter Just Weakened Account Security For Almost 368 Million Users

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How to delete your Twitter account and protect your data, too

ZDNet: “Even before all of the turmoil that’splagued Twitter since Elon Musk’s takeover, there were many reasons why people wanted to leave it. From social media detoxes, to simply migrating to a new platform, the transition happens more than you might think. Now, since Elon Musk appears to be failing in his promise not to turn Twitter into a Hellscape, a new flood of individuals are looking for greener pastures. Given the chaos at the company, it’s more important than ever for you and your data to handle that exit the right way. Unlike most sites that we frequent on the web, leaving Twitter isn’t as simple as signing off for the final time and never going back. That’s because of the massive amounts of data sites like this collect about us while we’re using them. To ensure that Twitter won’t continue exploiting your data after you’ve gone, you need to take the proper steps to fully delete your account and all of the data tied to it on your way out…” [Please consider joining me on Mastodon, where I post new research related content on multiple subjects, including law and technology, throughout each day. Masotdon is free, independent, has millions of users, and does not collect or monetize any data about you.]

Twitter Just Weakened Account Security For Almost 368 Million Users

Forbes: “The latest twist in the Twitter tale since Elon Musk bought the company is one of the most worrying to date. In a truly bizarre move, which appears to put penny-pinching before account security, Twitter has announced it will limit the use of SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) to Twitter Blue subscribers from March 20. Twitter disables SMS 2FA for the majority of users – In a notice posted to the Twitter help center’s two-factor authentication pages, Twitter states that “Effective 20 March 2023, we will no longer support two-factor authentication using text messages for non-Twitter Blue subscribers.” 

With as many as 368 million active monthly users, of which less than 300,000 are thought to subscribe to Twitter Blue, that leaves a huge number of people with potentially weakened account security. Indeed, even if you are a Twitter Blue subscriber, that doesn’t mean you will necessarily still be able to use SMS-based 2FA. The announcement notice added that “the availability of text message 2FA for Twitter Blue may vary by country and carrier.”

See also Wired – How to Protect Yourself From Twitter’s 2FA Crackdown. “Twitter is disabling SMS-based two-factor authentication. Switch to these alternatives to keep your account safe.”