Friday, February 10, 2023

Trump’s latest lawsuit involves a journalism icon


At a banquet given in his honour Sir Jocelyn Hitchcock once modestly attributed his success in life to the habit of "getting up earlier than the other fellow." But this was partly metaphorical, partly false and in case wholly relative for journalists are as a rule late risers.
- Evelyn Waugh, Scoop

Michael James Rowan was last year sentenced to a minimum of six months jail for two counts of giving false or misleading evidence.

The charges related to a Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) investigationthat centred around Rowan's relationship with three female officers.

Former top cop avoids jail after giving false evidence to NSW police watchdog

ASIC’s $1.5bn registry overhaul could be junked for new system

 Trump’s latest lawsuit involves a journalism icon

The former president is suing Bob Woodward over ‘The Trump Tapes,’ an audiobook featuring 8 hours of conversations from 20 interviews.

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Why We’re Missing Memories From The Pandemic

We might assume that our pandemic memories are missing because information entered our brains, then slipped from it—like a toy tumbling out of a clumsy toddler’s hands. However, it’s more likely that our brains weren’t storing that information in the first place. - The Walrus

A Successful Life? Freedom From Anxiety

The more general such claims are, the easier it is to agree. But when we delve into what makes the various philosophers different, what sounds like universal good sense can suddenly seem a bit wacky. - The Guardian