Thursday, February 09, 2023

When Americans Lost Faith in the News The New Yorker

Better to be an active old working dog than one lying around the house waiting to die 
- Peter Clancy. T.W. Lawless

When Americans Lost Faith in the News The New Yorker

George Santos drama, balloon stunt popped, and a fired-up Biden: Big moments from a testy State of the Union

Those new service sector jobs: “I made nearly $2 million in 2 years selling my nursing-school study notes on Etsy and TikTok.”

NEWS YOU CAN USE? These jobs are most likely to be replaced by chatbots like ChatGPT.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): I have some thoughts here.

FT ‘ Global fixer of corrupt energy deals sentenced to year in US prison - SMH - Bribery is part of the game’: Unaoil executive pleads guilty, but avoids long jail stint

Tom Brady retires. Next stop? The broadcast booth.

Brady is expected to head to the booth as the highest-paid TV analyst in the history of the game … even though he has never announced before.

VITAMIN D UPDATE:  Treating low vitamin D levels may help ward off suicide, study suggests.

THEY REALLY DO LIKE CHINA:  Massachusetts Bill Offers to Cut Your Prison Time if You Donate Organs.

Jim Treacher was able to grab a copy of the video: Artificial Intelligence Is Freaking Terrifying.

SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED:  Report: Heart Attacks, Strokes On the Rise Among Young Adults.