Monday, February 13, 2023

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking

 If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. 

Haruki Murakami

Alternative living

Pearls and Irritations comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable

Pearls and Irritations comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. 

ChatGPT Reaches 100 Million Users – Fastest-Growing Digital Service In History

The report, citing data from analytics firm Similarweb, said an average of about 13 million unique visitors had used ChatGPT per day in January, more than double the levels of December. - Reuters

China has been waging a Cold War against the United States for decades, and unfortunately, not many of our leaders have acknowledged that.”

Balloon 🎈 

Mike Elgan – “The big news today is Google Bard vs. ChatGPT-infused Bing. But the real news is that the search engine is dead.” Not sure about that

THERE’S NO ONE TO TAKE ON THE TERMITES INFESTING THE MOUSE HOUSE: Disney Actually Just Laid Off 2.4 Million People — Including Me.“Disney shares are up Thursday on news that the company is cutting costs and letting go of 7,000 employees. But the real news is that the formerly family-friend studio lost 2.4 million streaming subscribers — and has no plan to end the woke programming that drove them away. Including me.”

 Historic Arctic outbreak crushes records in New England
 'It had just vanished'—the shock when tech fails
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 Ford recalls 462,000 SUVs over rearview camera issue
 The lights have been on at a Massachusetts school for over a year because no one can turn them off
Corky Siemaszko
 FAA says unintentionally deleted files are to blame for nationwide ground stop
 Wi-Fi Routers Can Detect Human Locations, Poses Within a Room
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 Hackers Can Make Computers Destroy Their Own Chips with Electricity
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 Decoding Brainwaves to Identify What Music Is Being Listened To
 Remember Zoom-bombing? This is how Zoom tamed meeting intrusions.
 Google Fi warns customers that their data has been compromised
 Options trading desks 'flying blind' after derivatives platform hit by ransomware attack
 Mathematical Trick Lets Hackers Shame People into Fixing Software Bugs
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 Can You Trust Your Quantum Simulator?
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 Widespread Logic Controller Flaw Raises the Specter of Stuxnet
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 Man Paid $20,000 in Bitcoin in Failed Attempt to Have 14-Year-Old Killed, U.S. Says
 Developer pleads guilty to hacking his own company after pretending to to investigate himself (The Verge) to Know. (NYTimes) investigate himself
The Verge
 Retirees Are Losing Their Life Savings to Romance Scams. Here's What to Know.
 Cryptocurrency Founder Gamed Markets, FTX Rivals Say
 How Charlie Javice Got JPMorgan to Pay $175 Million for What Exactly?
 Massive nursing degree scheme leads to hunt for 2,800 fraudulent nurses
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 Based on a True Story—Except the Parts That Aren't
 Citing Accessibility, State Department Ditches Times New Roman for Calibri
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 DNS Attack enabled by well-know passwords; An issue that should be long-resolved
Ars Technica and precursor note
 U.S. No-Fly List Leaks After Being Left in an Unsecured Airline Server
 Yet *another* T-Mobile data breach affects 37M accounts
 Coming soon, Congress screws with the clock with permanent DST?
Lauren Weinstein
 NET pushed reporters to be more favorable to advertisers, staffers say
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 My Printer Is Extorting Me
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 ChatGPT on a blog: huMansplaining on parade
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 ChatGPT Accuracy in the Movies!
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 Google and the rest of "Big Tech" need to step up and speak to the public, *now*!
Lauren Weinstein
 Google laying off 12K workers
 Jan 6 committee suppressed information about how social media firms—especially Twitter—enabled the violent insurrection
 Meta, Twitter, Microsoft and others urge Supreme Court not to allow lawsuits against tech algorithms
 Twitter's utter violation of Trust & Safety
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 Elon's Sick Twitter officially bans third-party clients, a foundational aspect of Twitter for many years
 Why the TikTok ban needs university exemptions
 Twitter admits it's breaking third-party apps, cites 'long-standing API rules'
 Tesla engineer testifies that 2016 video promoting self-driving was faked
 U.S. states blocking overseas taxpayer traffic
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Reza Montasari book reviewed by Sven Dietrich
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 Re: Remote Vulnerabilities in Automobiles
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 Re: Cats disrupt satellite Internet service
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