Tuesday, February 14, 2023

PW Project Wickenby of 14 Feb 2004: China’s mega-rich move their wealth, and partying, to Singapore

The secret to happiness is human connection, not economic growth

Instead of happiness, Helen Garner on striving for “small, random stabs of extreme interestingness – moments of intense awareness of the things I’m about to lose, and of gladness that they exist”

Although Project Wickenby became public in 2005, the operation was prompted by the discovery of a laptop computer during an Australian Crime Commission raid on 14th February 2004, when the hotel suite at the Sheraton Towers in Melbourne where Swiss accountant Philip Egglishaw was staying was searched

Tax agent regulator gets more teeth in wake of PwC leaks

ASIC ready to dump Nuix on 14 Feb 2023 

The 25 most important tweets of all time?

Mutiny at the BBC: “Almost everyone has left. No one does any journalism” The New Statesman

Putin’s twilight: a prelude to darkness or a new dawn?

In his post on 7 January Lawrence Freedman concluded that “The question of what it takes to get Russia to abandon its war of conquest remains unanswered.” 

China’s mega-rich move their wealth, and partying, to Singapore Channel News Asia

Britons face 20,000 digital pound cap under Bank of England plan Reuters. The ceiling for dull normals when they take away cash? Good to know.

Unmusked: How Elon Musk is Using Twitter to Destroy the Concept of Objective Truth Heidi Siegmund Cuda reveals how Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter fits a disturbing global trend

Whistleblowers need their own agency, says Jeff Morris

The Blood Libel Commonweal. A very early moral panic.

Gaslighting: What It Is and How to Stop It WebMD

America’s Labor Shortages Are Good, ActuallyEric Levitz, New York Magazine


Fed chair warns of even higher rates if jobs data stays strong FT. Still turning the rubber thumbscrew…..

Orca mothers forgo future offspring to care for their full-grown sons New Scientist

Super-cooperators Aeon. “Clear and direct telepathic communication is unlikely to be developed. But brain-to-brain links still hold great promise.”



A Chilling Paragraph from 1960 Ted Gioia, The Honest Broker