Tuesday, February 14, 2023

St Valentines

February 14 is  the day we celebrate one of the world's most famous saints.

The most romantic day of the year conjures up imagery of red roses, poems, greeting cards and of course date nights, and wetpaint

A Brief History Of Valentine’s Day Cards

"Fertility-related customs have been celebrated in mid-February since pagan times. ... By the 18th century, we see something that begins to resemble modern Valentine's cards. In the 19th century, this evolved to the point where popular ladies' magazines like Harper's Weekly published instructions for readers on how to craft them." - AP

Yotam Ottolenghi’s Valentine’s recipes: Beetroot salad, shellfish soup, chocolate fondant A dinner to melt the heart: vivid winter salad, a spectacular seafood broth and a seductive chocolate and coffee dessert you can make ahead

ST V Martini Ingredients

1.5 oz whipped cream infused vodka

.5 oz Amaretto

.5 oz Bailey’s Irish cream

.25 oz half & half

.25 oz grenadine (this gives the pink color mixed with little half & half)

Pink color sprinkles on the rim

Garnished with fresh pomegranate seeds

Instead of happiness,
Helen Garner on striving for “small, random stabs of extreme interestingness – moments of intense awareness of the things I’m about to lose, and of gladness that they exist”

The 18 Best Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2023