Wednesday, February 22, 2023

“I will not harm you unless you harm me first”

George Orwell's contention was that it is a sure sign of trouble when things can no longer be called by their right names and described in plain, forthright speech.
— Christopher Lasch, who died on this date in 1994

The Hon , Prime Minister of Australia, will make his first Address of the year to the National Press Club of Australia this Wednesday, 22nd February. This Address is sold out, but you can watch it on .

Speaker McCarthy put Marjorie Taylor Greene on the Homeland Security Committee. He is giving 41,000 hours of video footage of the attack on the U.S. Capitol to Tucker Carlson, a host on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, against the wishes of the Capitol Police & the Justice Department

Rupert Murdoch told Fox CEO Suzanne Scott Fox News would “concentrate” on “helping any way we can” in the Georgia runoff elections

A PayID scam is swindling online sellers out of thousands of dollars. Amber fell for it The 29-year-old was conned out of hundreds of dollars. And it’s more common than you may think

IR-2023-21, IRS Chief Counsel Is Hiring Attorneys; Multiple Job Openings Posted to Help Enhance the Taxpayer Experience and Address High-End Noncompliance

Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first” Simon Willison’s Weblog 

Not exactly one of Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. Deep thoughts 

‘Hive of spies’ trying to steal sensitive information removed from Australia, Asio chief says Security organisation’s latest threat report says foreign agents targeted government officials, bank workers, doctors, police and journalists

Privatisation of the upper echelons of the public service. Long history now.

"I was following orders not legality"

Railroaded Doomberg

Fury Grows Over Ohio Chemical Disaster as Biden Offers Help Bloomberg. Lead story

Railroad workers confirm “nasty” toxic train “broke down” two days prior to crash in East Palestine, Ohio WSWS

The Ohio Derailment Catastrophe Is a Case Study in Disaster Capitalism