Saturday, February 04, 2023

Book Twitter: Kafka’s Diaries / The Writer’s Desk as Theater

Book Twitter’s Crucial Role In Publishing  — And What Could Happen If Twitter Goes Bust

"In the words of author and writing coach Paulette Perhach, 'It feels like the castle we made is being swept off the table by a billionaire's tantrum.' To get to the heart of what’s at stake, let's look at the role Book Twitter plays in shaping the publishing process." - Esquire

       Dublin Literary Award longlist 

       They've announced the longlist for this year's Dublin Literary Award; see also the list (warning ! dreaded pdf format !) of all the titles. 
       This is the well-endowed novel-prize where libraries from around (some of) the world -- 84 this time around -- nominate novels written in or translated into English -- 70 this year, of which 29 are novels in translation. 
       Nine of the titles are under review at the complete review:

       'Book Twitter' 

       In Esquire Sophie Vershbow looks Inside Book Twitter's Final(?) Days, wondering whether the exodus of authors after the Elon Musk takeover of the platform will lead to the demise of that community. 
       I thought 'BookTok' was where it was at now ..... 
       (I am on Twitter, and have for the most part found it basically as useful and/or not as before.) 

  Ruth Ozeki Q & A 

       At Sayari Debnath has: "An interview with author Ruth Ozeki about her faith, the important exercise of looking at one’s face, the deep relationship one forms with objects, and more", in ‘I turned my impatience into something useful’: Ruth Ozeki, winner of 2022 Women’s Prize for Fiction..