Friday, June 07, 2019

The thing that hath been

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

'War has no constant dynamic', he quotes, 'just as water has no constant form''The skilful strategist defeats the enemy without doing battle', he quotes. 'The enemy advances, we retreat', he says. 'The enemy sets up camp, we harass. The enemy tires, we attack. The enemy retreats, we pursue'.
According to Krasznahorkai, the deepest loss is the loss of a culture of poverty – the ability to "sing wonderful songs when we are poor". Now, he says, "… we only have people who don't have money … everybody wants to be rich, everybody has only one dream, but people, do we really have one dream – I ask – is this the only aim in this shit, to have much more money?"
There's nowhere left beyond the reach of the market, he continues, "… no empty spaces with possibilities, only stupid spaces, spaces in which you can't do anything other than wait to return from this space …" There are perhaps theorists who could explain why this has happened, he adds, but after these explanations "… everything goes on – why? I see you, and I ask you – why?"

Krasnahorkai, interviewed

AFP raid was consequence of 'shining lights in dark corners', says Buttrose

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Whistleblowers pay high price regardless of outcome, former customs official says 

ABC chair Ita Buttrose condemns AFP raid, vows to fight attempts to 'muzzle' broadcaster


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