Monday, June 17, 2019

Compass points to leader

“You have no right to see your characters as good or bad. Such words have nothing to do with people you write about. Other people see them that way. “

Lillian Hellman (interviewed by Anne Hollander and John Marquand), “The Art of Theater No. 1,” Paris Review, Winter/Spring 1965

ROBERT FISK. The final punishment of Julian Assange. (Counterpunch 3.6.2019)

Shame and the fear of accountability for what has been done by our “security” authorities, not the law-breaking of leakers, is what this is all about. Continue reading 

KIM WINGEREI The Battle of the One Percent

This election proved to be no exception after all – politics is a battle over small margins, apathy reigns supreme among voters, the particracy rules and democracy is the loser every time.

Morgan Housel, via LinkedIn
There’s often a big gap between changing the world and convincing people that you changed the world.
Victor Prince, via LinkedIn
Ex-consultants see the world differently to “mere mortals” who never worked in consulting.

Tax scam accused pad for sale

The Sunday Telegraph
Sunday 16th June 2019
THE Woollahra residence of Daniel Hausman has been listed for sale. The property developer is one of the alleged beneficiaries of the biggest tax fraud in Australian history. 

Company in Parliament security upgrade bungle worked on RBA supervault

A company that bungled a $14 million security upgrade at Federal Parliament amid allegations of cocaine use, escorts and debts to Russians was a key builder of one of the world’s most secure facilities.

The Australian, 12 June 2019. The nation’s most powerful bureaucrats have described the public service as “slow”, “reactive” and “siloed” and describe cabinet ministers as obstructive, disengaged and lacking an interest in making government departments and agencies more ­productive. In a short report released ahead of the final review into the public service by David Theodey, the views of 128 senior mandarins include a list of issues they are “excited” about, which included “not wasting taxpayers’ money”, “less bureaucracy” and removing “levels in the hierarchy” across departments.

Compass points to leader

Mandy Jenkins will lead The Compass Experiment, an attempt by McClatchy and the Google News Initiative to explore sustainable local news models.

Mandy Jenkins. (Photo courtesy of McClatchy)
Mandy Jenkins has been named general manager of The Compass Experiment, a three-year effort by McClatchy and the Google News Initiative to explore new sustainable models for local news. Jenkins will lead the effort to launch three digital-only local news sites in communities that don’t have access to significant local sources of news and information. Those communities have yet to be chosen.
Jenkins, who will start next week, is president of the board of directors for the Online News Association and is completing a nine-month John S. Knight journalism fellowship at Stanford University. She has worked at Storyful, Huffington Post Politics, TBD, the Cincinnati Enquirer and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
In a blog post, Jenkins, who will be based in Washington, D.C., but travel extensively, wrote that The Compass Experiment would prefer to go to communities with populations of 60,000 to 300,000 that are not near a major city and either have no local news or recently lost a local news provider. The project is close to naming its first community.

Artist Shawn Feeney worked as a forensic artist for a few years and was inspired by that experience to produce BFF, a project where he combined the faces of pairs of friends into composite portraits, and then pairs of those composites into composite drawings, and so on until a single composite remained from 128 initial faces. Here are two of the quarterfinalist brackets:

BFF Feeney

BFF Feeney

And in this video, you get a closer look at the complete bracket and how the lineage of each starting drawing develops through the generations: