Saturday, June 29, 2019

"Big Heart" Michael Daley's preferred candidate won

Is country labour via Jodi  closer to National Party than the lost yappie liberal gang?

'A big heart': McKay says Labor will focus on regions, western Sydney

The election of Labor leader Jodi McKay means two female leaders are in NSW Parliament for the first time.

'Well that's Barra': Premier responds to Barilaro's Coalition attack

The NSW Premier says she has spoken to her deputy, the Nationals leader, after he threatened to give up his title so he could demand a better deal for regional NSW.

Michael Daley to remain on backbench in Jodi McKay's shadow cabinet

Newly elected NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay has unveiled her leadership team, with three of the four spots occupied by women for the first time in the party's history. 

Ms McKay    (Jodi McKay )   and Mr Minns endured an hours-long wait for the verdict, as Labor scrutineers and officials spent most of the day verifying the rank-and-file ballots against party membership lists.

It is the first time the process has been used to elect the NSW Labor leader, under the same rules introduced by former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2013.
 But Walt Secord, the trolley of truth , a key supporter of Mr Minns, could struggle to hold onto his position as deputy leader in the upper house

Labor MPs clash in front of media as officials start counting votes

Labor MPs Mark Buttigieg and MP Tania Mihaliuk clashed in front of reporters as they left the caucus room in NSW Parliament house on Saturday.

NSW Labor has a new leader, Strathfield MP Jodi McKay.


Jodi McKay secures leadership of the NSW Labor Party

The MP for Strathfield was on the path to victory after securing an unassailable lead over Chris Minns in the NSW Labor leadership ballot.
  • by Lisa Visentin