Sunday, June 09, 2019

Ollie’s Kitchen: Homebaked Polish Antipodean

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
~  J.R.R. Tolkien - amazing when you Reread Tolkien what quote you find and he sends you on culinary journey ;-) memories of mamka’s Kitchen flash back ...

Breakfast at Polish Antipodean Lion and Buffalo

Anna  and her husband opened The Lion and the
Buffalo in August 2015 - naming it after their respective
 star signs, Leo and Taurus ...

Rather average luncheon with Dr Cope at Dural “District 88 Cafe “
Sometimes expensive cuisine is just bad, and it’s strange when no one else in the dining room seems to notice...

The actor Rowan Atkinson, in his famous “Steak Tartare” skit, contorts his face a thousand different ways while choking down a grayish patty of raw meat. Instead of sending it back, however, he hides the remnants in a small tin of salt, in a woman’s pocketbook, and down the pants of a tableside violinist. Everyone else in the restaurant is oblivious.

Highlight of the day was the divine Dinner at The Ollie’s Kitchen ... surely this spot, a stone throw away, from the Coogee Beach is a top secret when it comes to discovering soul food.
I rarely enjoy meals as much, unless Dial, Mal or Lidka are behind the stove. ..

Truly Ollie’s serve best comfort food, definition of healthy & hearty meals in any Slavic or other languages comes to mind.

This a litle unassuming Kitchen. When you go in, you'll see the menu on the chalk board. Beef Stroganoff, Variety of lamb and chicken. Then a marvelous assortment of sides, including greens, mashed potatoes, broccoli, slaw, and much more. 

They fix everything to order, so it came out piping hot. Ask them for their "spicy or chillie” to drizzle over your meal. It is wonderful.

This homebaked treasure deserves to be shared by one and all who love fresh food and a comfortable place to eat live and praise the joy give to our tastebuds...


Roasts, stews, brisket, veggies, mash. Reasonable price for a generous bowl that even fills 190 cm tall frame struggle to finish a serving. Some of their dishes seem to be sold out by 7:30pm.

“I'm Ollie my aim is to influence others to cook, move and grow to improve their wellbeing through sustainable eating, exercise and connecting with nature
Welcome to Ollie’s Kitchen, I run a coaching service in cookery and nutrition designed for lifestyle and exercise with a special interest in sustainable eating to improve human health and protect the environment. I enjoy working with people who have busy lifestyles to help them to sustain healthy habits in tandem with activity and exercise. I run an eight week programme to improve your knowledge around, food, nutrition and cookery, and motivate you to instil sustainable changes to your lifestyle.
So whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength, improve performance or overall health, your nutrition and exercise plays a fundamental role in your wellbeing, and in order to attain peak physical and mental wellbeing it is essential that your food and nutrition is monitored in tandem with your daily life.

Ollie’s Kitchen

The most exciting meal of Julia Child’s life, by her own account, was a 1948 lunch of Dover sole meuniere. Served at a small auberge in Normandy, the fish came in a “sputtering” butter sauce, while the delicate flesh exhibited a “light but distinct taste of the ocean,” she wrote. Nearly 75 years later, sole remains a staple of European and stateside fine dining, where it’s prepared in a way that suggests not much has changed since the postwar era. Wait captains normally debone the fish tableside, pair it with a restrained sauce, and sometimes toss in a few capers.

Anthony Bourdain Knew There Was Nothing More Political Than Food The Nation

Interviewers Are Super Obsessed With The Kitchens And Dining Rooms In Movies Directed By Women

Nancy Meyers and Mindy Kaling agree that this is clearly related to gender. Look at Wes Anderson’s kitchens and dining rooms – or have you noticed articles about them? –Variety

Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don't forget food. You can go a week without laughing.
Joss Whedon