Friday, June 07, 2019

Death of a whistleblower

!5 years ago tragic news reached me about a parliamentary staffer who nicknamed me "Bouncing Czech" ...

Deep in the bowels of the NSW Parliament, in the no-go zone two floors beneath Macquarie Street, sits a wall made entirely of cardboard boxes.
Packed neatly inside are thousands of old books, most from the 19th century, some valuable, a few very beautiful and rare.
But for many who work quietly inside the library of the nation's oldest parliament, the old tomes have become a sad reminder of an extraordinary saga that saw the disposal of more than 3000 publicly owned, historic books to private dealers at discounted prices - and which culminated last month in the suicide of the bright young librarian-turned-whistleblower who reported alleged irregularities in the sales.

Death of a whistleblower - Sydney Morning Herald


In March 2004 a valued member of the
Library staff, Mark D’Arney died suddenly.
Mark worked for the Library for nearly 10
years and his contributions to the work of
the Library Systems Section is greatly valued




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