Thursday, December 13, 2018

Trucks are Deadly on Our Roads

A tragic truck story shared with Linda and Richard at Waverton ...

In 2017 my family was lucky unlucky on 13th December 2017: Trucks in Botany areas were dangerous then however - heavy vehicles are deadly now in 2018

Huge disaster': One dead, others injured after major truck crash in Sydney

There is only one solution ...

Seriously, where is common  sense - trucks do not belong on Botany Road even if they crawl at 5km an hour Speed limit to be lowered at Sydney's Green Square after truck crash

But the state's roads agency has resisted a push to extend the lower limit to busier routes in an area set to become Australia's most densely populated.

Woman killed in horror truck crash 'loving bubbly mother of four'

Khristiee Jazairy was on her way to work when she was struck and killed by a truck. It took authorities six hours to retrieve her body from the wreckage.