Monday, December 31, 2018

Number of journalists, deep media dragons, tweeters slain increased in 2018

Number of journalists slain increased this year

The most dangerous place to be a journalist was Afghanistan, where 16 media workers lost their lives. In Mexico 11 media workers were killed.

Monks set fire to cathedral to create top tourist attraction

In the 12th century, saints were a huge tourist draw, and the cathedral with the most popular saint and most attractive interiors drew the most visitors.

Sydney New Year's Eve revellers camp out overnight to secure the perfect spot

Balmain residents Marie Fox, 60, and Mark Cole, 58, used their dog Axel to guard the perfect seat.

Russia detains US citizen in Moscow, cites espionage

The charges he faces could carry a prison term of as much as 20 years, according to Russia's criminal code.
Richard Overton (1906–2018), oldest U.S. WWII veteran Legacy 

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