Saturday, December 08, 2018

Happy Birthday Eva and Lidka

1938, 1948 and 1958 were busy years in Chez Imrich as Prague based sister Eva noted on this very latitudinal morning ... 

How much would you be worth at your age if you were my favourite Pinot wine? Not as much as you're worth, my dear sisters . . .

There are over 8 billion people in the world and there were only eight of us back in the Old Czechoslovakia :-) Even though geography separates us these days, I’m with you everyday in my heart ...Whether we are talking on the phone or texting we will forever share unique stories and memories.

They say spending time with your sister is like going back to your childhood for a short time. Those memories can never be lost and neither will the bond we share. Reflections of our upbringing lead me to think about what a wonderful gardens we shared in Vrbov and Pilhov.

I used to think that you (Eva, Gitka, Lidka and Aga) were just born bossy, then I realized you were just born first- so I guess you’re off the hook since you were just being big sisters and my little spare mothers. Your presence in my life always lifts my spirits ...What we share is so much more than DNA. We share values, memories, failures, successes, and the most wonderful moments in Mamka's kitchen filled with pirozky and love. We shared the noise and dust  and jokes manufactured at our loving father's workshop ;-)  I hope your birthday brings you as many blessings in one day as I’ve had in all the years of being your brother 

May your blessings be as abundant as the grains of sand covering the Antipodean Simpson and Strzelecki Deserts. And may always move from strength to strength and glow with happiness all the days of your life. Happy birthday to the bossiest best sisters who are also  the best mothers and grandmothers in the world ;-)

Behind my amazing luck and happiness are my soulful, smart, kind and caring sisters. We laughed and danced together at Imrich, Pecharcik, Lorenc, Kiss, Brunovsky weddings, (Once with Aga we counted over 150 first cousins scattered around Bohemia, France and Germany) but we also fell together and cried at Aga's and Vlado's funerals. We climbed mountains of Tatras together and hiked through life, even in the cold mud and icy rain. There are no mountains too high or oceans too wide for us to cross or climb to get together ... 
My gift to you is pretending that you’re actually the favorite child... As your little rebel brother, I can be super annoying. It’s just my special way of saying I love you!  

We shared many secrets and lots of tears under communism. Those things always come before the joy and laughter we share together... We are siblings heart to heart, so nothing can ever keep us apart not even the national borders, rivers and oceans ..

Family: like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one...

Isn't it great when you and your own best friend get to have the same parents?

Siblings are good at keeping secrets, like who broke the lamp and drank dad's slivovica. So your real ages are  safe with me. The Moon in the Southern Hemisphere is upside down?

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