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Lattituders: Big Thieves checking on little thieves

Eco was born in 1932 in Alessandria, northern Italy. His surname is reportedly an acronym of the Latin ex caelis oblatus, bestowed upon his grandfather by a city official. It means "a gift from the heavens" Vale Umberto Eco philosopher and man of many talents
NYT Jonathan Kandell obituary.  The Name of the Rose remains my favorite, with Foucault’s Pendulum being the other one I enjoyed very much at Darling Point McKell Park ...That’s what the late, great Italian novelist, essayist, philosopher, andsemiotician Umberto Eco (January 5, 1932–February 19, 2016) examines in This Is Not the End of the Book (public library) — the record of his lengthy and wonderfully wide-ranging conversation with French novelist, playwright, and screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière about the future of the book and its perennial rewards as a medium of irreplaceable humanity.
Umberto Eco in his younger years.
Umberto Eco 

An inquest has heard the sergeant, known as "Officer A", had an affair with a senior ranking officer the year before she died.
New South Wales Deputy Coroner Hugh Dillon has criticised the police service over its handling of her case but has suppressed the names of all those involved, including a senior ranking officer who had a brief affair with the woman in 2012.
Her husband, who can only be known as "F", said the police service mismanaged her depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which were diagnosed as work-related injuries.
"There are so many casualties in this story. It goes beyond [her] death. There's so many people that have been traumatised about what's happened and it was all avoidable, in my view.
"The system failed her, there were so many cracks in the system that she fell through."

Philosophers at Western Sydney University is embroiled in a legal battle with its head of safety and security who has accused it of illegally snooping on staff emails. Adam Byrne has held a senior role at the university's Sydney campus for almost 10 years, during which time he was the only staff member to twice receive the coveted Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award. University of western Sydney accused of snooping through staff emails

Nearly all of the government agencies which last year snooped on citizens' phone and internet records without warrants have reapplied to access the data following the introduction of legislation which was meant to reduce the scope of access. Sixty-one non-law enforcement federal and state agencies, including organisations such as Australia Post and Sydney's Bankstown City Council, have applied to access citizens' metadata for pursuing criminal activity or protecting public revenue Meta metadata without warrants

“Appeals Court Tells City It Can’t Use Its Terribly-Written Zoning Laws To Censor Speech” [Tim Cushing, TechDirt; Fourth Circuit, Norfolk, Va.]

An increasing number of local councils spied on residents by requesting access to their phone metadata without a warrant last financial year, with the number of requests from government agencies hitting an all-time high Meta metadata spying by local councils on the rise ...

Town hall meetings markets in everything

Further evidence of alleged corruption in Victoria’s Education Department has emerged at ongoing anti-corruption hearings, including that a deputy secretary inappropriately favoured the ultimately successful tenderer for the doomed Ultranet school software system.
We Do Not Need No Education ... 

HMRC reforms have led to a glut of 'gamekeeper-turned-poachers' undermining it
US slams Apple CEO Tim Cook’s refusal in FBI standoff over terrorist iPhone Sydney Morning Herald. “Good reader discussion.”

The Baird government has taken the first step towards the Hong Kong private railway model, issuing a tender for the design of high-rise towers above six new stations on the Metro City and Southwest line. The sites include valuable Martin Place, Pitt Street and Barangaroo real estate in the city, as well as Waterloo in the inner east, Victoria Cross in North Sydney and Chatswood Simple Baird and Complex Hong-Kong high-rises for Sydney

Acting auditor-general Tony Whitfield reports the “outputs, benefits and savings to be achieved” through the $969.8 million Service NSW venture are neither clear nor specific enough, and that two optimistic business cases had various deficiencies:
“Planned benefits, savings, and outcomes, were either not well defined or inaccurate.”
Some of the gloss has been taken off the New South Wales government’s much celebrated efforts to centralise, digitise and streamline public service delivery.
Will Service NSW really produce benefits five times the cost of setting it up, as claimed in the second of two slightly dubious business cases? It’s hard to tell.
Audit takes the shine off Service NSW project

Man accused of Salt Creekattempted murders met backpackers on gumtree

(Gumtree: These KGB triple agents must be dealing with the Chinese Liberation Army ;-) ???
Woolwich. Sydney, Australian Marines  Casual position offering flexible hours at Woolwich Marina and various sites (including weekends).
$50 an Hour What you will be doing:
  • Report on a daily basis to the Director and Marina Manager
  • General administrative duties
  • Represent the company externally
  • Accompany Director and Marina manager to occasions such as business meetings, cruises, trade affairs, events and more.
What You will bring to the team:
  • Must be fluent in both English and Chinese
  • Ability to translate English into Chinese
  • Prior Experience or Interest in the boating industry is ideal
  • Have polished customer relations skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Be physically fit as the position requires transport, rope tying, and pack of a range of (sometimes heavy) equipment.
Perks and benefits of working for us:
  • Flexible vacation - take time off when you need it
  • Free lunches, dinners, drinks and snacks
  • Company trips
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