Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Amber: It’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd

Our Slavic Google ate Apple a Day and now is the world's most valuable listed company

Translators rarely become celebrities.Ann Goldstein — translator of Elena Ferrante, Jhumpa Lahiri, Primo Levi -- is an exception... Hiding Behind Success

When someone declares "I have a book  in me,” that person will never be an artist, says Richard Sennett. You either do it or you don’t...  Just do it
I am a blunderer, but I don’t intentionally cause you real pain. If I ever deliberately twist your arm it is only to occasion so much pain as will be indistinguishable from pleasure. You on the other hand when you decide to punish me (vide the letter I received this morning) emulate Modesty [Blaise] with her kongo [Japanese martial arts weapon] and nerve-centres technique. Don’t do it. I am fonder of you every day and your power to hurt me grows alarmingly.
~ Latituders from the East duri''' Appy Our

It’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd, according to the latest figures published by the Australian Public Service Commission. Just don’t expect senior leaders to take time out to help develop you for the next career level Leadership

“The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to release Amber, a free software tool for WordPress and Drupal that preserves content and prevents broken links. When installed on a blog or website, Amber can take a snapshot of the content of every linked page, ensuring that even if those pages are interfered with or blocked, the original content will be available. “ The release of Amber builds on an earlier proposal from Zittrain and Sir Tim Berners-Lee for a “mutual aid treaty for the Internet” that would enable operators of websites to easily bolster the robustness of the entire web. It also aims to mitigate risks associated with increasing centralization of online content. Increasingly fewer entities host information online, creating choke points that can restrict access to web content. Amber addresses this by enabling the storage of snapshots via multiple archiving services, such as the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine and…”

Amazon dives into Australian book sales through the book depository and digital cold rivers

Of all the wars ignited by the late Abbott government, the one on "red tape" got off to a rocky start. It promised "deregulation units" in all departments; that is, more regulation in the cause of less regulation. Even sillier was a threat to link regulation reductions to secretary and senior executives' performance agreements and pay, a move that would have chagrined those in immigration and national security who, at the behest of ministers, have been laying on "red tape" with a trowel.
War on Red Tape

A federal Department of Agriculture spokesperson said the mosquitoes had only been found within the confines of the airport and that the risk of a transmitted virus was ­“extremely low” Zika standing out at Mascot Sydney NSW Australia .... 

Teacher assistants in the Mississippi Delta have an enviable job. Also, they earn $9 an hour. Slate 

Merit protection is not 'red tape': the dangers of scrapping job selection criteria

I know my boss would like to give me feedback, but she just has too many responsibilities. She’s too busy
Managers, you work really hard. But are you doing your job?

ATO gets out of the compliance business

As we noted this summer, “There’s simply no time for thank-yous in Biglaw. Time is money, and being polite is not only a waste of time, but it’s surely a waste of a few cents to boot. This is pretty standard protocol at many firms.”
The latest firm to make this standard protocol is Sidley Austin. An email from partner Paul Wysocki has been making the rounds since it was sent out earlier this month.
Going forward, please don’t send “thank you” emails but if you decide to do so (notwithstanding my instructions not to do so) please do not include partners. Just a complete waste of everyone’s time.

"Statistical analysis carried out at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences reveal something intriguing. The composition of works from within a particular genre was characterized by the exceptional dynamics of a cascading (avalanche) narrative structure. This type of narrative turns out to be multifractal. That is, fractals of fractals are created.”  EurekaArt

 Disney brothers with their wives and mother on the day they opened their studio in 1923
RP005 Czeching on Ruby and Dhillon at LA ...

Briefly a lawyer, Goethe turned to writing poetry and falling in love - and never stopped. At the age of 72, he proposed marriage to a 17 years old ...

I am bewildered at [the Department of Parliamentary Services'] approach – particularly given the Commonwealth's obligation to act as a model litigant" PS

Does literature belong on the streets? Thanks to some forward-thinking initiatives like the Coffee Sleeves Conversation at Coffee House Press and the Chicago-based project “Poem While You Wait,” (in which poets stationed around the city produce original, on-demand poems for five dollars a piece) literature is finding its way to the masses

Public servants as 'silent members of society'? The creeping encrouchments on freedom of speech  

Permanent and temporary migration: a quick guide to key internet links 

Australian Government powerless to stop Kommunist Chinese Daigou formula hoarders

Quick Guides Migration Statistics 

Hemingway Story