Monday, November 09, 2015

The Beast of Technology

“Technology is so much fun, but we can drown in our technology.  The fog of information can drive out knowledge.”  
~Daniel Boorstin in virtual exchange with Leon Ravad and Nh Oj Htaeb 

“The history of totalitarianism is one characterized by the state’s continuous attempts to destroy individual memories.”

Kay Bell, Securing taxpayer data is the IRS’ biggest challenge

Adelaide Professor: It is time for an eaustralia card

Today, the cool gals and guy at Google honour Lammar: aka Lamarr:

Any girl can be glamorous, all you have to do is stand still and look stupid. 
Hedy Lammar was the first female Hollywood star to simulate an orgasm on screen

Hedy Lammar was the first female Hollywood star to simulate an orgasm on screen

Public service leaders are increasingly enamoured with big data, and the big possibilities of capturing, storing, combining and analysing increasing quantities of it. Now they must build the workforce capability and infrastructure to realise them. Department of Employment secretary Renee Leon commented that public servants can’t all become data scientists but they do need to get “much more savvy” about the possibilities.  Big data: big benefits to public service, big risks to public? 

Richard Collis Speaker Richard Collis is an Assistant Deputy Commissioner in Compliance, working in the Smarter Data business line. He currently has line management responsibility for Enterprise Analytics where he is responsible for the delivery of analytics services internally to the ATO. Richard is also the chair of the cross agency Data and Analytics Centre of Excellence.

Australia's corruption watchdog is targeting drug-taking public servants working in IT because they threaten the security of the federal bureaucracy.  The watchdog has finished investigating two customs IT workers who had "high-level access" in their agency because of their alleged drug use and undeclared relationships with criminal contacts. 
Drug taking IT workers threaten Australian public service, says corruption watchdog

Offshoring the Economy: Why the US and Australia are on the Road to the Third World Paul Craig Roberts, Counterpunch

Organised crime is making untraceable gold-based payments for illicit goods and services. Money Laundering Gold Trade Based Risks Vulnerabilities

Luxembourg – how’s that tax cleanup going? 


What Would It Take to Have an Economy Full of Good Jobs Again?

Two decades ago the rage on campus was to constructing climbing walls; today, lazy riversare in vogue, places where students can float on rafts, probably drinking their favorite beverage and contemplating life ...

Short term home rentals are nothing new, in other words. The federal tax law has long accommodated them by excluding income from rentals up to two weeks a year from income tax. The practice has become more widespread now that airbnb and (no relationship to Vrbov) make it easier to match up potential renters and guests.  It shouldn’t surprise us that the tax man has noticed.
An Iowa Department of Revenue policy letter made public last week says short-term home rentals are subject to Iowa’s 5% hotel-motel tax 

TaxGrrrl, Despite Complaints, Past Failures & Opportunities For Fraud, Congress Pushes Private Tax Collection. I think Kelly is too hard on private tax collection. Plenty of preparers deal safely with confidential tax information every day, and I don’t think there’s something special about IRS employees that makes them automatically trustworthy. I think for uncontested and unpaid tax debts, private collection makes sense, especially when the IRS isn’t even trying to collect.
Robert D. Flach emphatically agrees with Kelly, though: NO! NO! A MILLION TIMES NO!. I guess private tax debt collection is one of those unpopular views I hold, like Waylon > Willie.
Craig Hummingbird Shot

Career Corner. Survey: Performance Reviews Cause Millennials to Complain, Curse, Cry (Caleb Newquist, Going Concern).