Friday, November 06, 2015

24/7 Dumber and Dumber World Around Us

Mothers with young bubs and seniors with walking frames get prepared for Standing will be the norm on new Sydney metro trains

Following yesterday’s explosive report by Bob Birrell and David McCloskey from the Australian Population Research Institute, which projected that there will be an increasing scarcity of family-friendly housing in both Melbourne and Sydney, thereby having deleterious impacts on younger Australians wishing to start a family, several of Australia’s think tanks have proposed sensible reforms to Australia’s tax and welfare system to encourage empty nesters to downsize. Old farts outraged at sharing housing stock
*Report - The housing affordability crisis in Sydney and Melbourne - Report One: The demographic foundations

One 29-year-old North Bondi-based graphic designer, Gina*, said: [ you do not need to be smart] "It's pretty simple really. You get a number, send them a text and then they drop off the coke. There are a couple of taxi drivers that I know do it. You get given the number from someone originally and then every couple of months you get sent a text with a new number to use." Taxi drivers accused of Sydney cocaine delivery service after raids

7-Eleven Australia has drawn fierce criticism on social media this week for a Facebook post that used the words “when pay day hasn’t come” as part of a promotional campaign for the convenience store’s annual 7-Eleven Day 7-Eleven slammed for when pay day has not come facebook post why brands must connect the dots

The Defence Department says it is not putting a pay ceiling over some of its smartest staff even though an internal brief shows its wants to stop "experts" in its own workforce moving further up the salary scales. The brief says Defence wants to stop "subject matter experts" moving beyond APS level 6 - or about $87,000 a year - without becoming managers of other workers in a move described by one union as "bone headed and dangerous" Iron curtain

Michael Moore’s gutsy new film: Our military has not won a war since World War II Salon (resilc). And the Russians did more to win WWII than we did. Some military historians contend that the US Third Army was the only operationally effective major unit in the Western European theater.
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Legendary auto exec says VW was under a ‘reign of terror’ that led to emissions scandal Business Insider 

Sacramento residents exposed to carcinogen in their drinking water ABC (DF). OMG, the ad that goes with this show is from PG&E, the company responsible for hexavalent chromium, a carcinogen, in Hinkley that led to an over $400 million settlement.

Startlingly, she added: "Let us think for a moment about how we use our fantasies. Have your Lordships ever fantasised about murdering somebody?" Ugly squalid dirty sex Britains house of lords debates pornography

Dead Man ruling, Rupert Murdoch Takes Over National Geographic, Then Lays Off Award-Winning Staff ReverbPress. Chuck L: “He trashed it on the first day he owned it.”