Friday, March 20, 2015

The Day of Reckoning

Maybe We should leave our office doors open. A tax office official in Finland who died at his desk was not found by his colleagues for two days (BBC, via the TaxProf):

The man in his 60s died last Tuesday while checking tax returns, but no-one realised he was dead until Thursday.
The head of personnel at the office in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, said the man’s closest colleagues had been out at meetings when he died.
He said everyone at the tax office was feeling dreadful – and procedures would have to be reviewed.
Procedures? Like what? I can see the memo now:
To: All Employees
From: Pekka Raanta, HR director
Re: New Procedures
The recent unfortunate incident involving our dear colleague highlights a need for new procedures for preventing a recurrence of the incident. The presence of unauthorized dead in the office poses both safety and administrative issues.

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