Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bad Kulture Drives Out Good

Too bad it wasn’t holy water

No second-rate apparatchik, young Stalin could be shy or gregarious, vindictive or solicitous, ideological or pragmatic: Whatever the situation required... Stalin would make a great CEO in 2015 AD ...

Ben Yagoda reviews Culture Crash
  Universities have become businesses, and businesses now generate knowledge and culture. In such a world, what’s the role of change agent and devil's advocate?

When did difficulty become suspect in orhanisation or communities with good culture? The ideal of seriousness was never widely shared, but it used to be seen as worth striving for ...

We live in an injury culture. That’s not cynicism, it’s fact. Pain is a fount of creative inspiration. And self-indulgence.. Insults to injuries

Have you heard the story of the Duchess of Argyll’s sex scandal? Gore Vidal’s salacious, sardonic tales were well rehearsed... Practice Makes Perfect Play

Hoffice gathers remote workers for doubly beneficial social work environment

Working on days off: ATO public servant breaches code of conduct for under-claiming

Chris Rufer on corporate welfare and cronyism

Why trade unions are so opposed to TPP

As conceived by its creator, Matt Weiner, the television show Mad Men is a running catalogue of dissolution: Its various characters lie, cheat, steal, drink, smoke, and fornicate their way up the corporate ladder in a 1960s New York advertising agency. Weiner frames their sins as occupational hazards, the natural result of a Madison Avenue culture that peddles deception and excess. Each episode alternates brainstorming sessions for the agency’s ad campaigns with scenes from profligate lives led away from the office, a narrative parallel that suggests advertising—and, by extension, the marketplace—is a uniformly corrupting affair  The bard of Madison Ave. L.E. Sissman – poet, critic, advertising executive – had an “amiable, attentive intelligence,” according to John Updike. Sissman’s muse: the office... Welcome to the Workplaces Everywhere in 2015 AD