Thursday, March 26, 2015

All Roads Lead to Sydney in 2015 AD - Infrastructure is Worse now than in 1980

By 2060 Sydney and Melbourne are forecast to have populations greater than the whole of Australia in 1950. Overcrowding and under-resourcing has put huge pressure on our cities.

good vs. bad deflation
EXCLUSIVE. Bidders: Rapid population growth in Sydney is putting pressure on housing stock and property prices. The population of NSW will increase by about half a million during the next term of parliament – that's roughly equivalent to adding another Newcastle. But neither major party has a detailed policy on how to respond to the projected increase. The Sad Story; Sydney

The operator of a Chinese-language real estate website says the Foreign Investment Review Board crack down on illegal property buying is "racist" while Ray White Real Estate chairman Brian White urged calm in response to fears Chinese buyers are pushing up prices...  Chinese real estate buyers

The Ausie V Chinese cement comparison

AUSTRALIA'S biggest toll road operator has warned Sydney's congestion will become much worse than gridlocked cities such as Los Angeles unless motorists are charged a user-pays fee based on how far they drive. Tolls and Bells

If someone has more than one mortgage of course they're negatively gearing. You'd be an idiot not to.
Around one in seven Australian taxpayers own rental properties, but among federal politicians it is at least one in three.
Figures compiled by property authors Lindsay David, Paul Egan and Philip Soos show federal politicians own an average 2.4 properties each, including their family homes.
Politicians have skin in the game on negative gearing debate

Hundreds of overseas sourced workers in Australia's booming off-shore oil and gas sector could be plunged into illegal status from Thursday when the Federal Court is due to rule on the application of law governing their employment.
The case could have major implications for the offshore slice of the $200 billion sector which, according to the government, accounts for some $28 billion of economic activity. 
IIlegal Slaves

Self-reporting to authorities of suspected foreign bribery and corruption by Australian companies is failing to occur, with top accounting firm Deloitte revealing it has investigated at least 100 potentially illegal acts involving local firms in the past two years. Bribery 

CODA: Daniel Davies reviews New Zealand