Monday, March 16, 2015

Rush Hour Reads

A pernicious groupthink has infected certain branches of science, in which identity and politics trump inquiry and evidence. Ask Alice Dreger - Orwellian Times

US and Australia are building a new connection

From EPIC – provides researchers with in a set of subject areas that all begin with the letter “r” – Recommendations, Resource, Ruling, Release, Research, Regulations, Redacted, Respect, Reform, and Reports. 

A Police Gadget Tracks Phones? Shhh! It’s Secret New York Times. Balaji: “But your readers knew this already.”

Lloyd’s law: APS commissioner’s tough talk on productivity
Mandarin, 11 Mar 2015. Public servants are on notice. New Commonwealth commissioner John Lloyd targeted “soft” employment conditions, underperformance and unjustified stress complaints in a provocative speech today…Australian Taxation Office first assistant commissioner Jacqui Curtis asked for Lloyd’s view on how the insular workplace culture of the public service could be changed, adding that during enterprise bargaining, “it’s almost insulting to [public servants] if you start to compare them to other agencies in the APS or the private sector more generally”.
Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd on the attack: launches into underperformers, red tape and leaks Canberra Times

Tax information goes public

Russian Mafia in Melbourne