Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Powerful, humanlike traits

Deception and divinity. For a thousand years, God’s power was linked with a powerful, humanlike trait – the ability to tell a lie... Even birds do it

When it came to self-destruction, Edgar Allan Poewas without peer. Liar, plagiarist, drunk, he died in a gutter wearing another man’s clothes... Brother Edgar

Kay Bell, Lions, lambs, warning Ides and luck all apply to March taxes. “Are you a tax lion, aggressively hunting down tax breaks? Or are you a tax lamb, cowering before the complicated Internal Revenue Code?”

Russ Fox, It Was the Sisterly Thing To Do. “Three Wisconsin sisters allegedly decided that tax fraud and identity theft should stay in the family. They’ve been accused of filing 2,000 phony returns by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

 “I want to create a mystery, not to solve it.” Still, without trying to “solve” these compositions, we can at least examine their construction. 

Letter from Saul Bellow

Questions for Camille Paglia

Uneducated nose

René Magritte, comedian